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Consultancy Services

I offer a mental health and training consultancy providing schools and businesses expertise in setting up their own mental health and wellbeing programme which is embedded in current policy and legislation.


In collaboration with your management we can assess your current ways of working. I can then assist in identifying areas in which your business can develop a strategy that supports employee mental health and wellbeing.


As an experienced mental health professional I can ensure the suggested programme framework is embedded in current policy and meets current legislative requirements such as:



  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995, (as amended) To be considered disabled under equality legislation, a person must have an impairment that has “a substantial, adverse, and long-term impact on their ability to carry out everyday tasks”.



  • Basic human rights such as the right to freedom of expression and freedom of association



  • Health and safety legislation that keeps us safe from hazards, including psychological hazards.



Most people with ongoing mental health conditions meet the definition of disability in the Equality Act (2010) in England, Scotland and Wales.  This means that people with mental health issues are protected from discrimination and harassment and are entitled to reasonable adjustments to adapt their job or work.


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