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COVID19 update

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Over the course of 2020-21 schools had 3 periods of remote learning due to the COVID19 pandemic.  This effected the provision of my counselling services which moved to an on-line service.  Support & signposting below.


Click here for further information for parents and carers about the closure of schools and other educational settings following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19)


Living with COVID19 - private practice


On 23rd January 2022 the UK Government published guidance on 'Living with COVID19'.  All legal restrictions will be lifted from 24th January 2022.  I will continue with some of the existing measures to reassure any person visiting my consulting room: 

  • Ventilated consulting room

  • Regular cleaning of high touch items and hand sanitiser available

Whilst there is now no legal requirement for any visitor to self-isolate if they or someone in their household has COVID19, I do recommend if you feel unwell with symptoms that we use an alternative to face-to-face, such as Zoom or a telephone call for that weeks' session. 


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Advice for families whilst observing social isolation...


WEBINAR: Supporting children with emotional regulation during the COVID19 pandemic lockdown period.

WEBINAR: The Importance of Play for child development and emotional expression.

WEBINAR: Happy Children - how Positive Psychology can support you in raising your children.

Return to school circles of control


The Return to School after each lockdown period may have brought up some anxiety for you or your children.  


Using this 'Circle of control' image here you can talk with your children about how they may feeling.


Download a PDF copy here