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Seven-eyed model - Hawkins & Shohet (2006)


1. Focus on the client and what/how they present: Attention is focused on how the client/s presents.


2. Explore the strategies and interventions used by the supervisee: paying attention to when and why they may have been chosen.


3. Explore the relationship between the client and the supervisee: here we will explore any transference that may occur and how you can work with this in session.


4. Focus on the supervisee: looking at supervisee development and how you implement good self care to enable you to be fit to practice.


5. Focus on the supervisory relationship: Here we will be mindful of any parallel process that may be occuring. We will also review whether you feel the supervision is effective for you and does this meet your requirements.


6. The Supervisor focuses on their own process: I will pay attention to what thoughts and feelings emerge for me as a supervisor in response to the material shared.  This provides another 'eye' to the work.


7. Focus on the wider context in which the work happens: Professional codes and ethics, organisational requirements and other considerations are explored here.


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Supervision - FAQs

7 eyed model

What is Supervision? 


Every ethically practicing counsellor/psychotherapist is required to have clinical supervision of their work.  Also those working in Education can benefit from regular supervision, especially those in the role of safeguarding children.  Clinical Supervision differs from line management supervision in that it focuses on helping the supervisee to develop their skills and professional practice in supporting their clients/staff. If the supervision relationship is effective the supervisee can:


  • feel validated

  • develop further understanding and skills in their profession

  • help relate theory to practice

  • receive positive or constructive feedback on their work with clients/staff

  • have the space to develop ideas and interventions

  • be ethically accountable

  • feel held and supported in their work



What model of Supervision do you follow?


I utilise Hawkins & Shohet (2006) 7-eyed model of Counselling Supervision in my practice (details below)



What are your fees for clinical supervision?


1:1 Supervision - £45 per hour

Group Supervision - £60 per hour


I can facilitate your session at my consulting room based in Crowborough, East Sussex or on-line via ZOOM - book a session below.  



What are your Supervision qualifications?


I have Diploma in Counselling Supervision.