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Being a mental health specialist and trainer is a varied and rewarding role.  Read my thoughts on current press, pace and progress regarding children's mental health and the support services available to families.

By Nicky Stewart, Oct 12 2019 11:55AM

Ah, the 1990's a great decade for music! If like me you are in your late forties, you may have been a 90s clubber, out singing and dancing to the (at the time) controversial lyrics from the American hiphop girl group 'Salt-N-Pepper' classic, inviting us all to "Talk about sex". 'Salt' (Cheryl James) was interviewed for Rolling Stone magazine in 1991, "The song was about communication and talking about a subject that nobody wants to talk about.". Fast forward nearly 30 years and I think Salt-N-Pepper may be pleased their mantra did get us all talking about and normalising a conversation about sex. As as society we can now openly discuss safe sex as well as have RSE included on the school curriculum. Now how about we change that lyric to "Let's talk about death, baby"? Doesn't quite have the same ring eh? But it is a needed conversation...

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