Counselling by Nicola Stewart


Take a look at this image.  For a moment imagine you are the caveman in the picture.  You are face to face with a very hungry dinosaur - how do you survive?!

Most likely you will have answered with either:

  • FIGHT it off 

  • RUN for your life

  • FREEZE and play dead

This is known as the FIGHT, FLIGHT or FREEZE response and is an automatic reaction for us humans when faced with a perceived threat.

Fight or flight.JPG

Whilst we don't have hungry meat eating dinosaurs roaming the earth today, we still have the same responses within the body when we perceive a fear or threat.  This could be anything from impending test at school or witnessing people arguing.

Do you ever notice any of the reactions illustrated here?  This is an indication your body has triggered the stress response.  This is part of your Autonomic Nervous system; the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) prepares you for fight, flight or freeze; whilst your Parasympathetic Nervous System (SNS) enables you to rest and digest.